Pinning Twitter Polls

News 08:04 April 2023:

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Creating Twitter polls and sharing them to your followers is one thing and getting more people to se them and respond is another thing altogether. Currently, there are several ways through which poll owners on this social media platform can promote their polls; hence bring it to the attention of more twitter users. The benefit of doing this is that the poll creator will get more respondents for the poll, which will allow him or her to make a more informed conclusion.

In addition to retweeting, the other way through which users may promote their polls on Twitter is pinning them. Once you have created a poll, you can pin it. This action places the poll at the top of your timeline; hence increasing its exposure to your followers. When pinned of, the polls will remain at the top of your timeline throughout the period it will be active.

Pinning twitter polls is among the easiest ways of making it more visible to other users on this platform. Additionally, you should also encourage your followers to retweet the polls in a bid to increase their exposure.